2020 Covid Plan of Operations


We’re happy to continue inviting guests this year, and we are committed to ensuring the safety of everyone at the lodge. As a response to Covid-19, we have made a plan and will be following these steps until further notice.





1. All employees will be wearing masks while working at the lodge inside a building.  Employees temperatures are taken in the morning.  Some maintenance employees will not have masks on while performing certain landscaping jobs such as mowing. 

2.  Guests are asked to wear masks while at the lodge and in airport shuttle vehicles.  Masks will be available at stations throughout the camp if you don’t have your own.  Masks can be removed for meals and while inside cabins.  You can discuss with your guide as to how you want to proceed with masks in their vehicles.

3.  All guests and employees should abide by social distancing protocols.  No hugs or handshakes.  Maintain 6 ft. distance between other employees and guests.  Cough and sneeze into your elbow.  Wash hands frequently and thoroughly.  Hand sanitizer can be used when washing is not available.  Hand sanitizer will be available at stations throughout the camp and in your cabin. 

4. Guests should get their fishing license online while at home.  www.fwp.mt.gov

5. If you are flying to get here, we strongly recommend renting a car.  It will eliminate a difficult social distancing situation with our shuttle drivers and gives you the flexibility to drive yourself to the river.  

6. Guests will receive an email or phone call inside of a week prior to their arrival to confirm good health, no symptoms and to go over our plan of operations for Covid-19.  Guests will have their temperatures taken on arrival.  Anybody with a temperature over 100.4 will be quarantined on site.  

7.  For breakfast you can either come to the dining room as always or request one of 4 options to be delivered in your wake-up basket.

8. Dinner will be served between the dining room and River Room with no more than 8 guests in either place.  Each group can have their own table.  Guests will be separated by 6 ft. unless they are family or friends.   

9. Cocktail hour will be held outside, weather permitting.  Appetizers will be on individual plates.  Otherwise, guests can take drinks and apps to their cabins.

10.  Gloves are required by all staff in our kitchen.  Guests are asked not to enter the kitchen area.   

11.  Guides will wear masks and gloves while preparing lunch coolers.  You will be given a clean water bottle for the day.  Your guide can refill it after you remove the cap.  For other beverages your guide will slip on a glove and hand you what you need.  The guide will wear mask and gloves while preparing the lunch in the boat.  These protocols can be modified between you and your guide.  

12.  Guests will have the option to travel to the rivers in their guide’s vehicle with masks worn by all or go in their own vehicle or a lodge vehicle (limited supply).  At the end of the fishing trip when the guests arrive at the take-out, the guide will wipe down his vehicle before anyone gets in.  Back at the lodge the boats are pressure washed every day and vehicles will again be wiped down.   

13. Rods/Tangles: Rod handles will be disinfected after the guide’s initial rigging at the boat ramp and passed to the guest or stored in the boat.  Any work or tangles after that should be done with the guest holding the rod by the handle and only the guide handling the terminal tackle.  The idea is the guide doesn’t touch the handle and the guest doesn’t touch the terminal gear during the course of the day.  Guests should avoid hooking up their flies.  Let them hang. 

14. Guest cabins will be sanitized and cleaned daily.  Special disinfecting will be focused on high touch surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches, faucets, etc.  This will be done throughout the entire camp daily.  There will be disinfecting solution available in each cabin for guest use.  You may elect to not have housekeeping services.

We’re looking forward to seeing you, and we are confident that we can provide each of our guests with a safe and comfortable stay.